Aerial photography since 1999



We're delighted to welcome you to our website. L'Europe vue du ciel has specialized in aerial photography since 1999. We are based at the Chambley airfield (LFJY) in eastern France. We operate throughout France and its overseas departments and territories, Europe, North America – or wherever our clients send us! Around 20% of our annual business comes from exports.

Our crews have taken over 1,700,000 aerial shots since 1999, covering more than 22,000 municipalities in 14 different countries. They've racked up over 8,600 flight hours in more than 35 different types of aircraft helicopter and ultralight, traveling the equivalent of 37 round-the-world trips. Our clients work in various sectors, including energy, construction, transport, media and communication, as well as public services and local authorities of all sizes. We take oblique shots for promotional material and vertical aerial views to be used in cartography with very high precision and visible detail settings.

We have our own airborne facilities with two Green Observer new generation light aircraft, specially equipped for oblique and vertical aerial photography, featuring 100 million pixel Phase One photogrammetric sensors, the AirPhotoNav flight management system and a GNSS IMU device.

Not only are they fast, cruising at 190–235 km/h, they are also extremely quiet and generate the lowest carbon emissions on the market, consuming just 7 to 9 liters of unleaded gasoline per 100 km.

With our network of partners operating aircraft and helicopters across France and internationally, we can provide aerial resources geographically closer to the sites to be photographed or better suited to the specific limitations of an assignment.

Most of our website is currently in French but please feel free to email us in English.

Please watch the video below for more information on what we do.

We hope to see you very soon.

 The L’Europe vue du ciel team